Cloud House

15620 N Tatum Blvd Suite 150, Phoenix, AZ 85032

During Lava Lamp Science Week, the Hinoki Cypress Sensory Pit will Temporarily be Replaced with Interactive Bug Scavenger Hunt

About Us

Cloud House for Babies and Toddlers is an indoor playground for ages 0 to 7. Our facility is equipped with a range of Montessori inspired toys, a jungle gym, a hinoki cypress sensory area, and theme based learning stations. These amenities support physical, creative, and imaginative play, contributing to the developmental needs of young children.

Bee Sensory

Thematic Activites

We offer arts and crafts, sensory materials, and STEM/STEAM activities aligned with the weekly chosen themes.

Science Activities

Our goal is to expose children to the wonders of science where we hope to nurture curious minds, develop critical thinking skills, and encourage exploration of the natural world all at their own pace!

Activities and topics may include principles of biology, physics, and my personal favorite, chemistry. We incorporate arts and crafts and sensory materials to help bring those topics to life.

For every 10 unique science activities children complete, they are rewarded for their hard work by earning a “Little Scientist” certificate and a prize!

Approved ESA Vendor

Approved ESA Vendor

Cloud House for Babies and Toddlers is an Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) Vendor approved by Arizona Department of Education

The owner

Meet Jennifer, the dedicated owner and founder of Cloud Play, LLC.

Jennifer is a pharmacist and a mother of two. She completed her BSc with a major in public health sciences and a minor in educational studies at UC Irvine. Her expertise is further highlighted by a certification in Afterschool and Summer Education. Fueled by her dream to create a delightful and safe indoor playground, Jennifer is proud to announce that this dream is now a reality! Jennifer firmly believes in the power of play for children’s development. She understands that play is essential for children to wonder, discover, and explore the world around them. That’s why she has established Cloud House for Babies and Toddlers – a perfect haven where the joys of playful discovery await every child.